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Technology enables quick and fast communication. However, often the communication skills lag behind the technical possibilities. Being up-to-date also requires developing and applying your soft skills. Enabling you to communicate more effectively is my mission. As a seasoned communication-skills expert with extensive international experience, I assist you as your trainer, coach and consultant.

Each communicative situation is unique. I am guided by your work environment and your specific needs and requirements. I take account of your individuality, capabilities and potential. The training is based on proven methods, tools and techniques. It is fun - highly vivid, lively and interactive. You can apply the input immediately. The content is sustainable - I accompany you throughout the process of implementation and am available thereafter for further consultation.

In the past 19 years I have helped over 15,000 people in more than 650 organizations on all continents to realize their communicative goals and objectives thus enabling them to become more competitive. I'd also like to help you realize your potential. I assume responsibility for your success: You only pay if you were satisfied with my work.

I look forward to scheduling a free consultation with you to discuss your specific communicative challenges and possible strategies to overcome them.

Chris Malherbe