Get More Out of Your Sales

Are people just buying from you or are you really selling to them?

This workshop is about more than the classical seller-customer relationship. It is also important to “uncover” your own sales potential. You sell more than a product or service.

Suitable for:

All those who want to get ahead in their profession, especially people who work in sales-related functions.


  • Application of proven techniques to increase sales performance.
  • Get more out of consultation and sales meetings.
  • Communicate effectively with prospects.

Highlights/ Benefits

  • You master the main stages of a sale and build a strong case on a rational and emotional level. You use effective questioning techniques, recognize the real needs of your customers and overcome objections with confidence and expertise.
  • You learn to communicate the benefits of your offer persuasively in different settings.
  • You create and sustain a positive image and make a favorable impression.


  • Highly interactive style incorporating work-related role plays, case studies, games, exercises and simulations.
  • Workshops are usually limited to eight participants.
  • Duration: 8-24 hours, spread over one to three days.


Please contact me for an offer.