Powerful Stress-Management

Do you suffer from excess stress in your everyday work?

In this workshop you identify the causes of distress and learn effective strategies and techniques to overcome it.

Suitable for:

Anybody interested in stress and self-management.


  • Detect stressors and personality-related stress factors.
  • Apply effective stress-management techniques and strategies to your life.

Highlights/ Benefits

  • Learn to recognize the physical, mental and emotional signs of distress and their causes. 
  • Practice proven stress-reduction techniques best suited to your personality and life. 
  • Lower your stress levels and increase your self-esteem and quality of life.


  • Highly interactive style incorporating work-related case studies, exercises and group discussions. 
  • Workshops are usually limited to eight participants. 
  • Duration: 8-16 hours, spread over one to two days.


Please contact me for an offer.