Manage Yourself Better

Are you always running out of time?

The workshop covers essential skills that you need to optimize your daily work and to deal with unexpected and unforeseen developments.

Suitable for:

Any who wants to improve their time management and self-organization.


  • Increase your personal efficiency, optimize tasks and manage work flow. 
  • Set personal goals and priorities and improve your overall performance. 
  • Detect and overcome unnecessary time-consumers.

Highlights/ Benefits

  • You recognize your own work style, learn to maximize your potential and increase your productivity.
  • You learn to overcome disruptions and find effective solutions to challenges. 
  • You optimize your scheduling and manage your stress level effectively.


  • Highly interactive style incorporating work-related case studies, exercises and group discussions. 
  • Workshops are usually limited to eight participants. 
  • Duration: 8-16 hours, spread over one to two days.


Please contact me for an offer.