Trainer Profile


Born in Canada, raised on four continents, I studied in the U.S.A. and have been working for 19 years internationally. I have developed, designed and implemented communication skills programs for professionals and managers in various industries in more than 650 companies on all continents.


  • Implementation of communication-skills training programs in English, German or Spanish on topics such as presentations, negotiations, facilitation, dealing with challenging customers, conflict management, cross-cultural communication...
  • Integration programs in international acquisitions or mergers
  • Sales training, consulting and coaching for negotiations
  • Individual and group coaching of managers and professionals
  • Further education programs for psychologists, coaches and trainers
  • Facilitation of international meetings or events
  • Preparation for international assignments
  • Guest speaker for conferences


  • Extensive experience in monitoring, supervising and participating in acquisitions, integration programs and change processes
  • Comprehensive experience in designing and implementing sustainable and lively training
  • Persuasive and motivating delivery as well as empathy in dealing with different personalities
  • Structured approach, able to work under pressure, flexible and mobile
  • Passionate and humorous


  • 1988-1994: Call center agent, team leader, head of department (information analysis) for the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa
  • from 1994: Communication skills trainer, coach and consultant, training supervisor, entrepreneur


  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Master of Science, Human Relations and Business
  • Master of Science, Human Resources Development and Training
  • Bachelor of Science, Management Studies
  • Diplomas for both Training and Coaching
  • Completion of various further education programs


  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch
  • Various publications on the subject of communication