Why Work With Me

I have worked with 15.000 professionals and executives from more than 650 companies on all continents and helped them to improve their communication-skills. More than 95% of my corporate clients have booked follow-up services.

Five more reasons to work with me:

1. Competence

Through my training and continuing education, I have extensive expertise in psychology, business and andragogy. Through my work as a trainer, coach and consultant, I also have a wealth of experience and insight into the diverse communication challenges faced by organizations around the globe and how to overcome them.

2. Interactivity

Instead of merely imparting knowledge, I offer highly vivid, lively and interactive training which is fun. The input will be translated immediately into practice through hands-on case studies, role plays, group exercises and simulations.

3. Relevance

I communicate with you at your level. Complex issues are explained simply and clearly without jargon. We only cover issues that are immediately relevant to you and your work. Thus, we achieve maximum success in minimum time.

4. Sustainability

I assess your needs and monitor your development while providing you with consistent feedback. All my activities build upon the progress you have made. I will follow-up to make sure that you reach your learning objectives. All of these efforts are designed to ensure that you will achieve lasting change.

5. Passion

Communication training is both my vocation and my passion. Your success is my mission. Try it: you only pay if you are satisfied with my work.