Resolve Conflicts Constructively

Can you really deal with conflicts and solve them?

In this program you acquire the basic skills that are needed to resolve conflicts in professional and personal settings.

Suitable for:

All who want to improve their skills in dealing with conflict.


  • Understand the causes, features and phases of conflict.
  • Identify conflicts as they emerge, contain them and resolve them effectively.

Highlights/ Benefits

  • You learn different types of conflict and styles as well as their root causes.
  • You recognize your own behavior patterns as well as those of others and derive a solution-oriented approach on the emotional and rational level based on that.
  • You successfully apply different conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques to come to sustainable agreements.
  • Through your experience and skills, you can also act as as a mediator in conflict involving others.


  • Highly interactive style incorporating work-related role plays, case studies, games, exercises and simulations.
  • Workshops are usually limited to eight participants.
  • Duration: 8-24 hours, spread over one to three days.


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