Lead with Confidence

Are you just managing or really leading?

Your leadership style and ability to deal with different personalities is crucial to the success of your team and company. In the program we we will cover the basics of situational leadership.

Suitable for:

Managers, team leaders and those aspiring to become such.


  • Assess and strengthen your own leadership abilities and preferences.
  • Master the art of delegation, empowering employees and assigning responsibilities. 
  • Lead others through trust, motivation and inspiration.


  • You are capable of setting and evaluating performance-related goals, motivating your employees and dealing with conflicts effectively. 
  • You maximize your influence by understanding different types of followers and adjusting your leadership to their specific needs.
  • You learn what is required of you and assess your strengths and potential areas for improvement. 
  • You take advantage of synergies and increase overall team performance.


  • Highly interactive style incorporating work-related role plays, case studies, games, exercises and simulations. 
  • Workshops are usually limited to eight participants. 
  • Duration: 8-16 hours, spread over one to two days.


Please contact me for an offer.