Communication is the foundation of any relationship and also determines the success of your business. Misunderstandings, minor inconsistencies or unclear guidelines can lead to great turmoil. Key communication skills such as the ability to deal with difficult customers or staff, express criticism constructively and send clear and precise signals - verbally and nonverbally, nationally and internationally - are increasingly in demand.

We constantly communicate but are we doing it well? Most of our problems arise from faulty communication. Are you aware of the impact of your communication? We often only notice when conflicts arise.

Would you like to acquire new communication skills and techniques in an informal environment?

This is the starting point for us. The three core areas of my work are:

1. Training in English, German or Spanish

Training can you help you attain a lasting improvement in your communication skills in a short period of time. I offer you:

  • A wealth of experience and a wide range of tools and techniques which I have compiled over almost two decades of experience.
  • Training which is fun. A highly vivid, lively and interactive experience with input that can be readily applied in relevant case studies, role plays, exercises and simulations.
  • Ongoing individual support, during and after implementation.

2. Consulting

I advise you on the requirements that must be met and conditions that must be set to enable a communication in which everyone wins:

  • By conducting insightful and empathetic interviews with all parties involved and by observing communication, I form a complete picture. I am then able to identify the strengths and weakness as well as the interrelationships in the communicative process.
  • We will then discuss the outcome of my analysis along with different approaches to optimize the communication.
  • Together we will then develop an appropriate strategy and I assist you in the implementation.

3. Individual Coaching

Coaching helps you uncover existing skills, talents and hidden potential. It enables you to expand your horizons and to develop new perspectives. It encourages you to formulate clear objectives and to achieve them in the shortest possible time. I offer you training, support and consultation in achieving your goals. “You are the pilot and I am your navigator.”

Drawing on my extensive international experience, I am also available as a:

  • Facilitator for your meetings or events
  • Consultant for foreign assignments
  • Keynote speaker for your event