Masterful Presenting

Can your persuade a critical audience?

In this program you will be learn how to conduct impromptu, informative and persuasive presentations.

Suitable for:

Any employee that has to present ideas, projects, results, products or services to others.


  • Appeal to different audiences in various settings.
  • Plan and design effective presentations.
  • Strengthen public speaking skills.

Highlights/ Benefits

  • You learn how to plan, structure and deliver a captivating and engaging presentation through your words, voice and delivery.
  • You acquire effective tools and techniques to create rapport, win over the audience and involve them in the subject.
  • You overcome stage fright, speak freely and learn to answer tricky questions and objections persuasively.


  • Highly interactive style incorporating lots of relevant practice and exercise.
  • Workshops are usually limited to six participants.
  • Duration: 8-16 hours, spread over one to two days.


Please contact me for an offer.